Nankin & pencil…

June 13, 2007

I ever liked of drawings made with nankin, but I never know as make them, on the last monday, I tried painting one drawing with them.

Well, the result, so bad!I must have bought the wrong ink, because, the black color is lighter, seemed with watercolor, by the way, my watercolor is darker than the nankin that I bought, usually it’s more obscure than watercolor black.

I also made another drawing of a girl, she looks like a teenager girl, but I saw some wrongs in this drawing, for exemplo, the arms aren’t symmetric, they’re different, the left arm is smaller than right arm. Already being late and I need to go, see ya!




One Response to “Nankin & pencil…”

  1. Melina said

    very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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