The Spirit … made at work!

June 30, 2007

Last week I paid a homage for an artist who I like, Hugo Pratt, I was until posted here one drawing of them. During the last days, I remembered of a lot the artists of who I like very much, between they, Will Eisner, he were a prestigious artist, I have a confession, I’m a devotee of the Eisner’s work. Eisner, thus like Pratt worked with excellent narratives and beautiful traces, your stories are extraordinary too, he mixed poesy and comics.

At work I made a drawing about your famous a character “The Spirit”, when I arrived at my home, I finished it with nankin and I colored in photoshop.


I know! The Spirit didn’t wear t-shirts, but I would like playing a joke with this character.

Have a nice weekend!!!


One Response to “The Spirit … made at work!”

  1. Celso said

    Carlos-man, tu tá “drawing a lot!” Wow! And a website in english! Very sophisticated, just as you are. Let´s produce a fanzine?! Hugs from the old jap friend, Celso!

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