One more Superheroes

September 23, 2007

And the next drawings are…

Ok, ok, I guess you know what are the next drawings… superheroes… 😛 , Now I made the spider man, this theme was proposed at the class, yes I’m going to drawing’s class (after a long time).

Some people think, the comic book are “things for the children or teenagers”, like a artist I think this theme help develop the drawing and way like we understand the things. When we made or read a comic book, we can to understand the people and your habits, rotines, dreams, anyway, to think on comics book like a children just a entertainment it is a error, read a good comic book and discover yourself.

This’s my first class after some years without drawing, I decided come to back for the class, because I think very important to study, it ever is important for the artists, ever study!

My teacher is Manny Clark, he’s great artist and he looks like a nice person. Well, on the next days, I should post new drawins made at class, and they should be about superheroes… 😛 😉

Let’s to see the spider…


That’s all Folks! 🙂


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