Assassin’s Creed

November 13, 2007

Assassin's Creed

 Assassin's Creed - draft color


10 Responses to “Assassin’s Creed”

  1. Jim said

    I have recently been trying to draw game characters but had not tried to draw this one i am very impressed, the attention to detail is phenominal, have you considered drawing one of the Devil May Cry series characters?

  2. Thanks for your words Jim, and I haven’t drawn the Devil May Cry yet, but soon I do that. Thanks again for your visit.

  3. Stefan said

    I find myself atracted to this sort of dusty antihero. kind of like a midevil, jedi gunslinger.

  4. zsombor said

    the hidden blade is on his other hand i think

  5. aleksa said

    yes the blade is on his left hand

  6. Oh, Sorry! You’re sure, I don’t seen this, I’ll fix it on next drawing!

    See ya!

  7. randieq said

    i drew altiar. it looks pretty cool. go to my website) and at the top left you will see group art. click on it and at the bottom is my pictures.

  8. Hellshark said

    Nice drawing, but i would’ve liked to see alittle more detail. It’s a nice quick sketch, it looks real nice. Are you thinking about defining it some more?

  9. sweet sketch man keep it up and dont stop drawing if u do like within a week ur drawing skills will like start to suck it happened to me and i sucked but then i started to draw again and my talent is back now but still GREAT JOB!! 😀

  10. Nate said

    Dude this is really cool, if i can make a suggestion draw something from the 2nd one. Ezio (the main character) has a lot cooler stuff on his uniform.

    Still very nice though, i’m impressed!

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