Superboy memories.

February 24, 2008


Last days, I have thought so much about my life, maybe why I’m going to wedding soon or maybe because I’ll be 30 years old. Anyway, I made a drawing about my childhood, when I dressed a fancy superman and I tried fly, my mother a lot remember this.

Maybe I made this supermans, because this memories are very presents in my life last days. I have made supermans , at work, home, on train, on subway, until in my lunch time.

So, for finish it, I made this for celebrate my new life with my wife.


Bye 😀


One Response to “Superboy memories.”

  1. Cuauhtémoc said

    I supose your´e from some paret of latin America, so am I, I really like your drawings, they´re really cool, if you send me your email i can send you some of my drawings, wich I like to do as well.
    Hopefuly you could give me some tips or someting, tell me names of people you admire or consider important.
    I hope you reply!

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