Sketchcrawl tomorrow

July 10, 2009

watercolour, upload by ©.Rocha.

Tomorrow is the day… sketchcrawl anywhere!

I’ll do my scketches where my parents in law living. It’s a beautiful place to live and do drawings.So you’ll should waiting new drawings.

See ya!


this is my new study about fables…

One more study about fables, problably I’ll do many studies, and I wish post here.


July 6, 2009

Fable, upload by ©.Rocha.

Some studies to my next illustration

Past and future of illustration nowadays., upload by ©.Rocha.

Hi everyone, how have you been?

Some weeks ago I participated of a challenge of ilustrations and this is my drawing, I wish you like it!

See ya!

Life drawing

June 28, 2009

Life drawing, upload by ©.Rocha.

Today I went join to a life drawing class, it was awesome. My wife did drawings too, great drawings. Here is my life drawings, later I’ll pos her drawings too. See yaa guys!

More drawings ->


June 24, 2009

Prayer, upload by ©.Rocha.

This sketch I made on subway, and I liked as this man was reading, he had a magazine in your hands, but his posture were like a prayer. Very Nice.

That’s why is important have a piece of paper in your hands, thus you can do short drawings of the reality.

See ya guys!

Pinhole Day

April 29, 2009

Last sunday happened the Pinholeday, my wife and I participated and had took some pictures. As on the website allow post just once picture, I’m going post the others pictures here 😉

after I’ll post the subtitles and the fotos with the cameras…



April 16, 2009

Break for lunch… it’s delicious… 😉

See ya guys!

More images…

March 28, 2009

Hi there!

One more detail of my comics…

See you!!!