Fable sketching

July 24, 2009

Fable process, upload by ©.Rocha.

Hi everyone!

So my new project is about fables and these are some sketches and pictures of the processing. I have had lot ideas and I’m going put in my moleskine, it’s a good way to register and prepar the final project.

I hope you enjoy guys!

More images here -> http://migre.me/46yW

See ya!



July 11, 2009

Today happened 23rd the world wide sketchcrawl, I did some drawings in country side of São Paulo, Brazil.
It was a great experience, althought I was alone, I did my own marathon’s drawings, and in the following link you’ll see my production;

See a!

Sketchcrawl tomorrow

July 10, 2009

watercolour, upload by ©.Rocha.

Tomorrow is the day… sketchcrawl anywhere!

I’ll do my scketches where my parents in law living. It’s a beautiful place to live and do drawings.So you’ll should waiting new drawings.

See ya!

One more study about fables, problably I’ll do many studies, and I wish post here.


July 6, 2009

Fable, upload by ©.Rocha.

Some studies to my next illustration

Past and future of illustration nowadays., upload by ©.Rocha.

Hi everyone, how have you been?

Some weeks ago I participated of a challenge of ilustrations and this is my drawing, I wish you like it!

See ya!