September 3, 2009

Comic strip – Day 2

September 2, 2009


September 1, 2009

First comic strip about my new webcomics.
See ya!

Bike sketches

March 27, 2009

Hey there!

Last days, I was making some comicbook pages, short stories about the quotidian, comuns people and your problems, by the way, I’ll show some sketches about of the first one. I hope to finish this weekend, at lest one page 😉

plot_pg1see ya!

I Wanna be a Rockstar

March 11, 2009

Hi folks!

Today I did this picture at work, I could have painted but I prefer in B&W, thus the idea seems more authentic, more Rock’roll.

See yaa!


Sketchbook and Tv Show!

November 24, 2008

Hey ho!

how have you been? Me?  I’ve been so busy, that’s why I’ve didn’t post any drawing here. but my sketchbook didn’t stop, at least did many drawings. Last week Some friends and I given an interview for a TV Show here in Brazil, it’s about sketchbooks. Soon I’ll post the link here, ok!

Let’s to drawings!

See ya!

Drawing class

August 3, 2008


This month I’ll start teach drawing and I’m going to make a material for it. It’ll some drawings showing my creative processes, I started this weekend and this week I’m going to finish and post here!

Material Class
Material class

Material class

Material Class

See ya!

Doc Manhattan

August 1, 2008

Doc Manhattan

Doc Manhattan